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Who is Gallant?

Who we are and what we do starts with our people and our purpose.

Organizations with real purpose operate in a different way.  Family becomes the focus, beyond the individual.  We are curious, disciplined and resilient.  What will we be most proud of on our last day?  The answer to that question drives our focus here at Gallant.

Gallant’s energy grows when we make a positive difference in the lives of others.  That is fundamental to who we are and to our core values:
Serve Others.  Our clients and customers are the reason we exist. We are at their service.
Do the right thing.  We believe the ONLY way to complete a job properly is by doing what’s right.
Find a way.  We are a “Results Oriented” company. When problems arise, we find solutions. If these qualities appeal to someone like you, then let’s talk about growing the common good.

Gallant has been in business for over 70 years.  We are a professional services organization focused on ground-up construction, enhancement and maintenance of commercial buildings and property.  This includes general contracting, 24/7 facility repair, and multi-site upgrade projects/programs.  
Our construction services are largely focused within the Midwest United States.  Maintenance programs and services are provided across the United States.

We want our clients to care about building relationships, and we hope they will share our core values.  With a growth mindset and a joy for the process, we love the work we are asked to do.  We keep it simple.  Our people and our services will continue to evolve, meeting the needs of our clients.

We call these principles “The Gallant Way.” Serving others…doing the right thing…finding a way...building relationships…explain who we are and what we do.  Today, tomorrow, and for years to come…we serve our real purpose at Gallant.  We invite you to take advantage of what we have to offer.

Who we are begins by operating with purpose. What will we be most proud of on our last day?   Relationships with people.  Being confident in who we are and making a positive difference in the lives of others.  This is who we strive to be: to align our Core Values with our actions.

Our Core Values are simple:  Serve others. Do the right thing. Find a way.

Gallant has been in business for over 70 years.  We are a professional services organization focused on construction, enhancement, and maintenance of commercial buildings and properties.

This includes general contracting, 24/7 facility repair, and multi-site upgrade projects/programs.

Our construction services are largely focused within the Midwest United States.  Maintenance programs and services are provided across the continental United States.

Our ideal client shares our core values and cares about relationships.  With a growth mindset and a joy for the process, we love the work.  We keep it simple.

Our people and our services will continue to grow and advance together with the needs of our clients and in alignment with WHO we are.


Meet our Leadership Team


Leadership Team Bios

Jim Stahl



As Gallant’s President and Owner, Jim sets the direction and the tone for the organization. He is a true reflection of our core values and genuinely cares about people and relationships. 

Jim owes his work ethic and love of construction to his dad, Matthew J. Stahl. Jim grew up as the 11th of 14 children and the youngest of six brothers. From the age of eight, Saturday was Jim’s day to work with his Dad for his construction, civil engineering and real estate businesses. If Jim was not playing sports, or going to school, he was likely working for the family.

Jim started his career with Gallant shortly after graduating from Ball State University with a degree in Construction Technology. After three years with Gallant as an Assistant Estimator, Jim left Gallant to work for the Walgreen Company and subsequently, Jones Lang LaSalle. During this time, while working full time and raising a young family with his beautiful wife Kristi, Jim earned his MBA in 2010 from the University of Notre Dame. 

He came back home to Gallant in 2020, being trusted to take the organization forward as the President and Owner. He has great respect and appreciation for those before him who built the foundation that Gallant continues to stand on today.  

Jim cares about people and understands that how we operate as a company is pivotal to our success. Keeping processes simple, staying true to our core values, encouraging personal and professional growth for our employees, and giving back to the community.  

He brings a unique perspective to Gallant. From a laborer to representing Fortune 50 organizations, Jim recognizes that it takes the field and office teams working in concert to consistently execute at the highest level for our clients.  

Jim’s professional contentment comes from consistent great execution with great-fit clients and watching the Gallant team grow and succeed as people and professionals.   

Donna Low-Harwood

Vice President Business Development

Vice President Business Development

Donna is all about people. She loves to connect, network, mentor, and serve people to make the world a better place and the construction industry rich in diversity for the future. 

As Vice President of Business Development since 2004, Donna is the driving force in Gallant client relationships. She has extensive experience in commercial construction from the general contractor side as well as from the architectural and end user perspectives in earlier roles. Donna cultivates and maintains connections with national and entrepreneurial clients including retailers and restauranteurs, hospitality, automotive, industrial and specialty chain companies as well. Her ability to listen to what is needed and deliver results beyond expectations continues to enhance the Gallant reputation for excellence. 

When clients call, Donna greets everyone with a smile in her voice and a willingness to help. That energy is evident from the very first contact and continues as she supports clients throughout the life cycle of their property. Her long-term focus is on building life-long relationships with a solutions-oriented attitude. In addition to business development, Donna is key to the Gallant leadership team. Involved in strategic planning, goal setting and measuring outcomes, Donna works closely with President Jim Stahl to set the stage for future growth. The two leaders have been friends for decades and enjoy challenging each other to achieve success. 

Donna’s business education was garnered over the four decades she has spent within the construction industry. She is an advocate for women in the trades – and everywhere else - and a champion for every Gallant employee. 

Although Donna often claims that Gallant is her home, she is a resident of North Barrington, Illinois. She loves to spend time with her family, including traveling and entertaining friends with her husband; Jeff, and celebrating life’s milestones with her four grandchildren. 

Donna Says - 

Gallant 'found' me and I found Gallant 18 years ago. Their core values are my core values; their culture is my culture. This is my home. 

Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson

Director Construction

Director Construction

Drew serves on the Gallant leadership team as the Director of the Construction group.  His numerous, diverse responsibilities include pre-construction, risk mitigation, team growth, operations, profitability, and customer relationships. He is involved in overall strategy and business plan execution.

Drew has incorporated a logistics mindset unique to Gallant. Rather than seeing a project finish line as the date construction is done, the Gallant team recognizes the “owner occupancy” date as our completion date. Drew empowers and encourages the Gallant team to engage more fully in client relationships to ensure the Owner is ready to operate their new facility.

A graduate of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science Degree in General Engineering, Drew started his career in 2005 at Walsh Construction, based in Chicago and was promoted throughout his tenure to a program manager. Drew joined Gallant in 2020. 

Grateful for the positive culture at Gallant, Drew has embraced the company’s family atmosphere, where people really care and support each other. Within his leadership position in the organization, Drew continues to mentor his team with the same approach.

Living in Crystal Lake with his wife (Jenna) and children (Talan, Evan and Cora), Drew has found at Gallant a work/lifestyle balance that he loves. He feels truly blessed to have found a company in his hometown that continues to motivate him, while providing peace and satisfaction in his life.

Michael Rihani

Director Facilities Services

Director Facilities Services

As a Marine, Michael’s call sign was“Rhino”. He has since learned Rhino continues to suit him as rhinos are calm, observant and charge when challenged. 

Michael Rihani transitioned from a military career as a Marine to a career in facilities management in a most unsuspecting way. A casual conversation at his father’s workplace resulted in a right place, right time situation: he was hired on the spot to field calls for the maintenance division of the national janitorial company where his father worked.

Known for his unflappable demeanor and quick problem-solving skills, Michael became a successful go-to person for the company as it grew. He very effectively leveraged subcontractors to deliver prompt, top-quality service to clients with a nationwide site portfolio. 

With the successful operations mode and personable approach, Michael began working direct with clients and following their programs across the country over the next 10 years. Assignments took him around the country as his team fielded thousands of calls a month.

While working full time, Michael completed a Bachelor’s in Business Management at Robert Morris University of Chicago. He appreciated the opportunity to incorporate knowledge from his studies into his workday and to start his professional career early in management. Michael is currently pursuing his Executive MBA at Notre Dame.  

While janitorial services were challenging, Michael was looking for an industry that was more fulfilling for him. Always having had an interest in the construction industry, Michael joined Gallant Building Solutions in 2017 to lead Facilities Services. He has since breathed new life into the division and has focused on expanding the facilities services offering and executing consistently at the highest level.

Under Michael’s leadership, Gallant Facilities Services has been restructured to expand their nationwide operations and service offerings. Each day, the facilities team handles repairs, maintenance projects, programs and emergency calls for hundreds of client sites, for the grocery, gas station, restaurant, retail, entertainment and healthcare industries.

In the consistently frenetic environment of facilities services, Michael lives by the credo ‘there is always beauty in the chaos.  Stay calm and you will be able to sort through the chaos’.

Michael and his wife, Jacqueline, live in McHenry County. The couple love to travel, cherish their families, and spoil their two Yorkies. Michael is also a collector of coins, watches and is a Formula 1 racing fan. His favorite team is Red Bull.

Tim Gannon

Director Business Development

Director Business Development

Tim’s role on the leadership team focuses on initiating and managing business development and sales strategies.

Tim joined the Gallant organization in April of 2022 and is the liaison between operations and sales. Areas of focus for Tim include targeting new construction relationships in strategic markets, expanding facilities management opportunities nationally, and ensuring that the sales team has the necessary tools to successfully meet and exceed their goals.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Management from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Tim happened into the flooring installation business. While working in a sales role for a retail flooring company, Tim was recruited by a large Chicago area landscape company for a role in business development. That position segued to a similar role at a Wauconda-based company where Tim eventually managed 14 sales and operations people.  

Circling back to the flooring industry, Tim became sales manager for a wholesale manufacturer in 2009. As Midwest regional manager, Tim served retailers, architects, flooring designers, contractors, and distributors in 18 states.

Over time, Tim felt that the weekly business travel was keeping him from his family and began searching for opportunities in related fields. He found an opportunity – and a great fit - at Gallant Building Solutions.

Gallant represented Tim’s own values of caring about others and being authentic. The emphasis on serving others to achieve the best for all resonates with Tim.

Working at Gallant allows Tim, a Crystal Lake native, to spend more time with his wife, Jennifer, and their three children, Grace, Emme, and Lanie playing golf, attending dance recitals and just hanging out with his favorite people!

Tim’s perspective on Gallant -

Gallant respects the individual. Our culture allows each individual the freedom to think uniquely and to work outside the box. I love the Gallant atmosphere.

Stella Stahl

Chief Happiness Officer

Chief Happiness Officer

Stella brings the love every single day. As the Chief Happiness Officer, Stella is tasked with driving the emotional well-being of each member of the Gallant family. 

Born in 2018, Stella is a purebred Boxer and is described as thoughtful, intelligent and aware. A four- legged Mary Poppins, Stella maintains a sweet demeanor while keeping a watchful eye on her pack. 

Stella is typically the first face you see when you arrive at the Gallant office. She makes her rounds throughout the day, developing relationships with every individual in the building…and collecting a few treats along the way. 

In her spare time, Stella likes to play with her neighborhood Boxer friend, Harley, and go on weekend sleepovers with her dog parents who live in town. 

Construction services

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Renovation services

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Facilities Maintenance Services

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Preconstruction services

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Our History

In 1950, Gallant was established by two brothers as a carpentry contractor, focused on framing homes and other wooden structures.  The Galante brothers (Tony and Leo Galante) valued hard work, integrity, and a focus on the needs of their clients.

In the 1970’s, nephews of the founding brothers took the reins and expanded services to include metal stud framing.  Soon, Gallant’s focus shifted to commercial construction which fatefully coincided with the birth of commercial retail centers across the United States.  Their reputation as honest, hard-working and client-focused resulted in many repeat customers, both locally and nationally. Gallant was now constructing buildings outside of the Chicago area.

As time went on, not only did Gallant expand our reach and scope within the national retail construction marketplace, but we also noticed a growing customer need for facility maintenance services. In the mid 90’s, Gallant served our clients even better, by adding simple periodic check-ups on completed projects, items as simple as fixing a toilet or adjusting settings or even preventive maintenance examinations. Gallant’s facilities maintenance business has steadily grown ever since and continues to be one of the more appreciative aspects of our business.  

Throughout our history, Gallant’s services have continued to evolve, collaborating with our clients to provide the best services possible. For example, we focus on data-driven solutions for the complete lifecycle of any project or property, often gaining input from our clients.  We call this principle - “Construct. Enhance. Maintain.” (CEM).

Gallant is also a partner in planning new projects.  We build it.  We renovate it. We maintain it.  We provide a comprehensive perspective and approach for the complete life of any commercial structure or property.

The Galante brothers would be proud of the core values that remain at the heart of Gallant today.  Serve others.  Do the right thing.  Find a Way.

Gallant was formed in the early 1950s by Louis (Louie) Galante as a family carpentry company, framing houses and other wooden structures in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Through the 1960s, Gallant continued to grow through hard work, integrity and by quickly earning trust.

As the next generation took over in the 1970’s, Gallant’s range of carpentry services evolved to include metal stud framing. The focus began shifting to commercial construction.

Gallant’s reputation as an honest and client-focused company resulted in many repeat clients, both locally and nationally. In addition to commercial work, Gallant was also now building outside of the Chicago market.

Gallant continued to grow through the 1980’s as its primary focus evolved from carpentry to general construction services, mainly for commercial retail centers across the U.S.

In the 1990’s Gallant responded to a client’s need and added commercial facility maintenance services. Gallant’s facilities maintenance business has steadily grown ever since and continues to be one of the more appreciated aspects of the business.

While maintaining focus on the “enhance” renovation work, in which Gallant was built, ground-up construction and national facility maintenance services have grown over the last 20 years and stand as cornerstones of the business today.

Today, the values that are the foundation of Gallant, since Louis Galante first swung a hammer, are as strong as they have ever been.

Serve others. Do the right thing. Find a way. This is the mindset and attitude that takes Gallant forward.

Why us?

We conduct all business with the highest standards

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Our PurpOse

Our purpose is to improve lives through what we do.

At Gallant, serving others is part of who we are. We were honored to partner with Head Start of McHenry County, Illinois and the Northern Illinois Food Bank to provide 114 local families with groceries and coats, boots and toys/gifts for children! Thank you to all who volunteered and/or donated to help make this event so successful.

"In the name of our Head Start children, families, Policy Council, Board of Directors, all of our staff, and I would like to express our deepest and sincere gratitude for your gift of love (food, including our delicious lunch, winter clothing/ essentials/ boots, gifts, etc.). All of you, including your children, gave to our Head Start families and us, the staff, the gift of yourself through your special project, activity, your service from buying/ packing/ organizing (endless time), time that we spent together. You gave us the gift of experience and the gift of charity through your humanitarianism where you met some practical needs for many of our families, in the whole county...A thousand thank-yous!"
Alma I. Wright, CEO/Executive Director, Community Action Agency for, McHenry County Head Start

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Children received winter coats, hats, boots, and gloves
Families received donations
10,000 lbs
Food donated to families
Repeat referral clients in 2022
Years in business
Facility work orders completed per year
Client locations serviced per year
Repeat referral clients in 2022

It’s an exciting time in the construction industry

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Mike Sexton

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